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New website look
Jul 11, 05 3:58 PM
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The Arakeen Clan would like to say welcome to our page.  We are a friendly clan that are currently recruiting level 30+ players.  We would like to see more Sliver Rangers,  Dark Elven, Human, or Elven Wizards, Oracles, and Shillen Knights.  Additionally we would welcome Orcs and Dwarves to our clan. At this time, we are a level 3 clan and are working at growing, developing, and leveling our members before making the level 4 clan change.

If you would be interested in joing our clan, you may contact "Evilchrist", "DevilRed", "GarethRahi", or "Sateous".  Any of these members would be more than happy to discuss our rules and expectations with you.  A formal statement of code and rules will be placed down below on this website.  Please take the time to read our philosophy about overall game play and clan behavior before deciding if we are the clan for you.

Once again thanks for taking the time to check our little place on the net out!  Feel free to browse our site and take part in our forums and chat area.


Lord of the Realm,  Arakeen

Gladiator Lv. 46
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New website look

537301320_Inactive, Jul 11, 05 3:58 PM.

After some time without any buttons pictures, I (Cafo) made some new ones. Its nothing special but its better then a Red X.

------------- ORFEN EVENT -------------
Okay we did orfen we killed him, and some of us made some screenshots.Now what I want from you guys/girls is to PM me ingame with your msn add, and send me the picture because I just did a format and lost it all.

I think Sateous is pretty proud of us killing Orfen.
So I want to thank Sateous for being there for us in the time and hope to play with him and this clan a long time.

Big shoutout to you all!

Offical Forum post

Allience website

Cafo //out

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